This year, the European Language Day holds its 20th anniversary day. In order to share such a special event, we ´ve carried out a “Dessert Challenge

The teachers, alongside the language assistant, have taken advantage of our cultural diversity so as to cook different recipes. Every single child in the centre has taken part in this activity. In doing so,  the youngest ones from 2nd cycle of Kindergarten  colored a pie. So did kids from 1st and 2nd cycle of Primary education, who drew their favourite desserts and wrote the ingredients in English.

On the other hand, pupils from 3rd cycle of Primary Education carried out a cooperative work, making use of their Chromebook with a view to looking up the recipes so that they would tell us how to cook their favourite desserts.

It´s been so enriching an experience!

You made it, buddies!

We´re looking forward to celebrating more Proyecto Célula Europa Days!