The School San Pascual is an Early Childhood Center and Elementary agreed to 100% ownership of which is owned by a cooperative of lay teachers of the same name.

Located in the center of Aranjuez, in the historical building of the Convent of San Pascual, built by Sabatini between 1765 and 1770, has three units and six Early Childhood Education Primary Education where they study about 200 students approximately. To facilitate the transition to secondary school, the Colegio San Pascual is attached to Apostol Santiago School from Aranjuez.

School and family are terms associated as one of the first and most important references to the concept of education. From this perspective, the Colegio San Pascual declared as their educational intentions:

a) Encourage the development of the capacities of the individual in all its dimensions: Socio-emotional, Cognitive, and Motor Morales, promoting self-help and empowerment.

b) Encourage solidariad attitudes, tolerance and respect, valuing the qualities of others and making a living based on dialogue and understanding.