The flute concert, carried out by pupils from 5th and 6th grade, is one of the main traditional performances in San Pascual Festival, held every year in our cultural week

In the line  with the challenge #Yomequedoencasa, we´ve prepared a video production  and a virtual concert, as if we were profesional production staff. This has only been possible due to  Mabel (the teacher),  who has undertaken all necessary managements such as rehearsals, recordings and production with a view to making the virtual concert possible..

The topic of the concert could be no other than “VALUES” since they are the transverse axis of our way of living and feeling in our school. Moreover, they are the main objective in our School Educative Project.

For this reason, we´ve selected several Disney OST, which made the hairs on our arms stand up in a very emotive way. THANKS  to those who have got involved and made music keep


The challenge which consisted of singing along at home has been a great success! CONGRATULATIONS!

We´d like to thank all families for your commitment and support throughout the Cultural Week.