Coexistence and values In San Pascual have not been detained at home, but they ´ve shifted their shape, their stage….

yet we´ve been able to open small windows with a view to communicating and looking after each other.

Our postboxes “ you share, we listen” have taken up IT and they´ve turned to the email technology communication.

Our school is not empty, but it feels your creativity,involvement,eagerness and teamwork far greater than ever before, filling its spaces with your unique laughs through your videos and pictures.

Our team “family” has also switched its stage and its way of being, yet it has brought support and its invaluable help.

Coexistence coordinators have not given up their scheduled projects, either. In doing so, they´ve rebranded the way of sharing with the Educative Community, which happens to be ourselves  sharing San Pascual values.

Throughout this Virtual Cultural week, there could be no other closure than the gift which, as a team, we deserve.

Smiles  from coexistence

 We hope you all enjoy, and we´d like to thank you for keep showing and sharing the values we all learn together each day.