On Wednesday all the students of the school have had to overcome different challenges. Teachers have proposed different activities according to the levels and ages although they all have been very fun. 

The challenges of the little ones of the school have been related to balance because they had to make jumps to the lame leg and flips, the children of 2nd class of Early Childhood Education had to design a dance with the song "Stay at home" and the elder students of Early Childhood Education had to get to walk in a straight line after having gone several turns around themselves.

In Primary Education the activities have also been different. In the first cycle of Primary Education they have had a great time. The 1st graders had to write a word on their forehead and draw a picture in a skunk without looking at any mirror and then telling some jokes, in 2nd Grade they had to move a cookie to their mouths with facial gestures and sing a chorus of a song with the cookie inside and the 3rd graders had to dress with as many T-shirts and socks as possible. 

The level has increased for the second cycle of Primary Education because students are older and had to make more difficult challenges such as forming acrosport or "pistol" body figures and juggling. They've all been overtaken. All right, guys!