Last week, the Infant students were able to enjoy the wonderful landscape that autumn gives us in our gardens.

Finally, the little ones have been able to go out to celebrate our Fall Workshop included in the Project "The Seasons of the Year".

Following the instructions given by our "COVID-19 Protocol" each of the three classes of children have gone separately, on three different days. We became trees that had lost their leaves, that's why we looked for them and collected them, we learned the story of the trees that never lose their leaves from the hand of a bird that could not travel to warmer places.

We were squirrels for a while looking for chestnuts and autumn fruits to feed ourselves.

 And after singing and dancing to the song "Autumn is here" we visited to the ducks that live in our Tajo river. All this in a unique environment "El jardín del Príncipe"

We will be back in Spring!